iTartan Documentation

Main View

On startup the app will load any user defined tartans by default. (The app also ships with 3 sample user designs.)

The user can select a tartan to view/edit, or search for one by name, or part of a name.

It is also possible to add a new tartan design.

Each entry in the list has a 'status' icon as follows:

  • thistle.png Pre-defined design

  • derived.png Derived design

  • defined.png New design

The pre-defined designs are some of the well known designs already in use. Although there are a number of registers of tartans, The Scottish Register of Tartans is Scotland's official tartan registers. The designs included in the database with this app are believed to come from the database of the now-defunct Scottish Tartans Society, and includes over 2300 of the designs. Only those using traditional colours have been included at this time.

There are many more designs that use non-standard colours which we hope to include at a later date.

The vast majority of tartans are of a 'symmetric' design, and these are the only ones supported.

You can scroll through the list, do a search at any point by tapping the 'search' icon, and/or by entering search terms in the search bar at the top of the table.

If you select a tartan, the view will switch to show you the tartan's thread count and a graphical rendering of the tartan.

If you choose to add a new design, then you will be taken directly to the Tartan Designer View

Apart from the pre-defined tartans, you can delete any derived or new tartan you have created (including the free samples provided) by swiping the table cell and confirming the delete. Tapping anything other than 'Delete' will cancel the delete.

Tartan View

In this view you can see the tartan rendered, as well as a table showing the thread colours and counts. It should be noted that the colours are never going to precisely match the colour as looks on a specific object. Apart from natural variations, a given colour will look different depending on the material.

From this view it is possible to edit the design. If you edit a pre-defined design, then when you save that design it will be a 'derived' design. The original pre-defined designs cannot be changed.

Editing of a new design or a derived design will be saved as a change to that design.

If you double-tap the tartan, then you will be givem the opportunity to save an image to your Camera Roll.

Tartan Designer View

If you are designing a new tartan, then you should start by adding one or more colours.

Once you have some colours, you can change the design by:

  • Moving a colour

  • Adding a colour

  • Changing a colour

  • Changing a count

Moving a colour

If you select 'Move', the table of threadcounts will go into edit mode. By selecting the ordering icon on the right of a table cell, it is then possible to drag a threadcount to a different location in the list.

Adding a colour

If a threadcount is currently selected, then adding a colour will add a new colour AFTER the selected threadcount. If no threadcount is currently selected, a new colour will be added at the end of the table.

Traditionally, the thread count for any colour is even. The number of unique colours for a design should also be limited to 6 or less if you intend to have the design woven.

Changing a colour

After you have selected a threadcount, you can change the colour by clicking on 'Colour'. Note that this will not change the count.

Changing a count

After you have selected a threadcount, you can change the count by clicking on the count field.

If you have a new design, or have edited a design, you can save the design.

If it is a derived design you will have to provide a name to save the design. Alternatively, if you choose to save a design, the original design will be over-written.